Sterile umbilical cord cut folder browser

Sterile umbilical cord cut folder browser

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Disposable Sterile folder cut the umbilical cord is designed to cut the umbilical cord at birth, the umbilical cord to the folder, set scissors, clip the umbilical cord in one step. To avoid cross-infection, the elimination of tetanus. When used as much as possible to umbilical cord cut deeply embedded in the folder's V points to the top, shear folder browser with the baby belly aside at least between 4cm, operation, continuous and effective action cut the umbilical cord and umbilical cord clamping folder . The end of the umbilical cord ligation, it is important to check whether the folder neonatal umbilical cord clamping side and inside the dressing-chip packaging placed between the clamp and the baby belly, even with the umbilical cord wrapped folder. 24-48 hours cord remote transparent or translucent, and can link with tools to remove the umbilical cord folder. By clamping the umbilical cord showed a thin sheet, dry after they were transparent. Umbilical round of the Ministry of daily use of alcohol, 75 percent dip cotton disinfection disinfection care, so that the umbilical cord around to keep dry. Umbilical cord stump to fall off naturally. Belt clip can also be discharged from hospital later with the umbilical cord stump can fall off naturally.

specifications︰ clip the umbilical cord cutting device
1 simple operation
To replace the traditional multi-step operation
2 security
Reliable sterilization of the disposable devices, avoiding the repeated use of the equipment due to strict disinfection of pathogens causing infections. Tightly unified specification of mechanical occlusion, so that was solid clamping the umbilical cord stump
3 protection of healthcare workers
On both sides of the umbilical cord stump was clipped at the same time after the blood-free zone since the middle of sync cut, So there is no danger of bloodsoaked, which basically avoid the medical and nursing staff have been in the blood may carry the risk of infection of the original body
4 the whole process with a second time
Birth attendants can breathe in infants for the first time - at least - before the second breath, clear the baby comfortable and effective respiratory

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