VTX-3D stereo microscope

VTX-3D stereo microscope

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specifications︰ 1.Sharp stereo erect image over a wide field of view.
2.45º inclined and 360º rotational binocular head with locked-in eyepiece. The left ocular-tube with diopter adjustment ±5dp, The interpupillary distance is between 55-75mm.
3.Three kinds of 90º rotational objet for seletion 1X-2X,1X-3X,2X-4X
4.VTX-3D supplied with arm curved style stand.
5.Eyepiece WF10X
6.Objectivs: Inserted 2X
7.Plate: Frosted glass(Φ95)
8.Electric apparatus has CE approval.
9.Incident illumination
transmitted illumination 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz.
10.Each set packed in styrofoam and in an inner box. Four sets in one carton