Polarizing microscope PMS-206

Polarizing microscope PMS-206

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Country of Origin︰China

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specifications︰ Viewing Head: Sliding Binocular Head at 45°,360°Rot table
Eyepiece: Eyepiece WF 10X/18mm
Objective: Strain free Achromatic Objective 4×、10×、40×
Analyzer: Rotatable analyzer with gradution 0°-90°
Bertrand Lens: Bertrand lens , Sliding in / out of Optical Path
Optical Compensator: λSlip(first class red),1/4λSlip quartz wedge
Stage:Diameter ¢ 135mm,360°rotatable and graduated in1°lncrements, minimum resolution6', when using vernier scale, center adjustable
Focusing: Coarxial coarse and fine adjustment,range 28mm,fine division 0.002mm
Condenser: Abbe Condenser with lris Diaphragm and Filter
Polarizer: sliding in/out of optical path ,located on the top of collector
Illumination: 220v or 110v/6v20w halogen lamp,brightness adjustable