Epi-Fluorescent Illumination Equipment

Epi-Fluorescent Illumination Equipment

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Country of Origin︰China

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specifications︰ Epi-Fluorescent Illumination: B(Blue),G(Green)Exciting Light Filter System, O Ordinary Light System,100WHBO Ultra Hi-voltage Spherical Mercury Lamp
Protection Barrier: Barrier to Resist the Ulraviolet Light
Fluorescence Free Objectives: 4X、10X、40X(S)、100X(S、Oil)
Immersion Oil: Fluorescence Free Oil
1,Inductance Power Supplier A,AC Input 220V,Indicator Display
2,Switch Power Supplier B,AC Input 220V/110V(Interchangable),Digital Display
3,Switch Power Supplier C,AC Input 220V/110V(Interchangable),Digital Dispaly and Timer